Happiness — Imagination

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

It represents kid’s mind…

The boat is related to hopscotch…

Why come to this concept?..

For kids, they spend much time at the school…

I think Hopscotch is their one of playmates.

To make it interesting, i designs this graphic..

I think it can be a notebook cover or a print of T-shirt.

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What you want?!

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– detour2010


-during class

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Coffee addiction

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OMG!! Coffee become a part of my life><
haaa this visual can represent my mind totally=]

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Light painting

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, light painting is very popular..
But most are dull because of the black background.
So, i try to use PS to show this funny skill.
Haaa this is my work.
What do you feel?
I believe that there is no unique solution..
It can be expend by creative=]

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Sharing of Photography

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

the first two photos are really tempting..!

1. the whole lighting and art decoration are good without the perfect make-up.

2.the emotion can be totally presented.

The third

People may think it so disgusting if they just look at the photos.

When u see this photos, u can know that it would like to present a chocolate lover.

She ates most chocolate at the same time.

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Online Advertising#3

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This online ads is quite funny.

Although the core msg is not significant, the whole things is funny.

I think it can be a e-card. We can send it to friends.

Also, it can be a E-banner on Yahoo! or gift website

No matter it is not so creative, it can catch our eyes easily.

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Online Advertising#2

January 18, 2011 Leave a comment

It is an online apps for adidas lovers.

To me, i really like this application.

1. i can create my shoes personally

2.the viusal is quiet attractive (because their blue is charming)

Actually, this application is not new function on the Internet.

But it can reach the TA– adidas lovers who eager to have a characteristic shoes.

Their logo [mi adidas] can present this concept totally.

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